FILTEMC Logo Change Notice

Dear all customers and partners:

In order to cooperate with the strategic development of the company, strengthen the promotion of overseas market, further enhance the corporate image, improve the brand influence and competitiveness, and more fully reflect the characteristics and culture of the company, our company has changed the original Logo. From August 1, 2019, the new logo will be officially opened.

Original LogoNew Logo


The new logo design is based on the company registered trademark "FILTEMC", the English letters are tilted to highlight the core advantages of our company, rapid reaction, rapid processing and rapid shipment. The letter F and I are cleverly connected, implying win-win cooperation and strengthening the recognition of the brand. The logo font is round and full, which shows the stability, reliability, affinity and inclusiveness of the enterprise.

This Logo change will not affect any business operations of the company. The company website, product publicity materials, technical materials, employee business cards and other documents will be replaced consequently. During the switching period, the new and old logo will exist at the same time, they have the same effect. 

We are really sorry for any inconveniences caused to you!

Jinan Filtemc Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd                                                                          

July-15, 2019