Since its foundation in 2003, Filtemc specializes in products research and development in EMC field, capable of providing full lines of EMC solutions and products while focusing on customizing products to meet customers' specific requirement. The products and services we provide covering EMI filters, signal filters, passive harmonic filters, filter connectors, EMC components, etc. Besides, we established our own laboratory, which is equipped with shielding room, surge generator, pulse group generator, spectrum analyzer, signal source and other high-end equipment to meet customers' all kinds of EMC test need.
19 +
More than 18 years of professional experience
1000 +
More than 1000 successful EMC cases
2000 +
More than 2000 products in 14 categories
In order to cooperate with the strategic development of the company, strengthen the promotion of overseas market, further enhance the corporate image, improve the brand influence and competitiveness, and more fully reflect the characteristics and culture of the company, our company has changed the original Logo.
13 2018-08
Celebration of the Company's 15th Anniversary On August 8, 2018, Jinan FILTEMC Electronic equipment Co., Ltd. ushered her 15th birthday. In the past 15 years, FILTEMC has grown rapidly and made great
26 2018-07
All Series of FILTEMC Filters Passed the TUV Certification All single phase series filters of FILTEMC passed the TUV certification!
20 2017-11
Our Company Passed ISO14000, ISO18000 Certification On November 29, 2017, our company successfully passed the review of ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, formally passed the ISO: 14000 Environmental Management System certification and ISO: 18000 Occupational Health and Safety system certification and got the certificates.